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June 21, 2013
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Sword Art Online Fanart by Aintza-K Sword Art Online Fanart by Aintza-K
Copied from this drawing: [link]
It was a challenge for me, and I'm proud for my work.
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Phinnyphineas Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
So beautiful
Smylie369963 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
So beautiful. Why doesn't it have a full quality download it's big enough and in the good ratio to do a wallpaper. I would be so happy with a download link.
Aintza-K Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
See, I can't sell this drawing as a print, because the original idea isn't mine, and do not want to steal the copyright of another person. 
So I'll send you in a private message the link of the image in a very big size to be able to download it and put it as wallpaper.
This is my wallpaper too! xDD 
Thank you very much for your comment! ^^ 
ChibiHaylee Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013
..... I-am-SOOO-jelly!
Evo-8E3 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013
Very lovely rendition, pretty close to the source..:) (Smile) 
Aintza-K Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! :D
Voltex12345 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

i liked the anime to a certain point, until it turned into nothing but gooey masochist/tsundere romance

now the story is just "a masochist guy luring in tsunderes"

he spends his time helping girls who trick and openly insult him for apparently no reason. (with the exception of one who didn't last for more than an episode and i fail to see her relevant purpose in the show).

really everything went to hell after that.

also everyone's just so STUPID there!

everyone's either a plain heartless coward PK thug or a bunch of honor-bound blind suicidal idiots

i'm serious they would jump off a cliff if it meant "honorable"

there's even a scene where a way OP boss shows up at a certain point, some ass-holes are exhausted and still go in for the sake of honor WELL GOOD WORK  you practically committed suicide (what were they thinking!?)

they lose sight of their goal. all is reduced to her insulting him or threatening him with a fork 99% of the time & him enjoying it.

everyone there just freely abuses his kindness and he doesn't seem to mind

most of the episodes seemed like filler because they make no progress at all.

it was all very disapointing

Aintza-K Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Honestly, I really liked the anime, it was original.

One of the reasons that everyone there was crazy and becomes the " bad guy " or the idiot who is guided by morality, is that they have to survive , and that is a reflection of reality, those who just want to save their hides are people who think in themselves , and give others the same. And instead , the rest are those think like Kirito , that all should be saved and is obligated to help everyone completing the game.

Certainly there are many characters in one or two episodes and then disappear completely, and dindn't even had a role in the series. But I think that's a way to show that in a world like that, in which everyone has to survive , you can't have friends, everyone starts to think about saving himself , and the characters that appear in one episode and then disappear are those that make you think "What will happen to them? ". I think it's a good way to make the public think that everyone is relevant to itself.

And I agree with you when you say that they take the situation to the limit, that they exaggerate some things a lot, but that happens in all animes .

I didn't like this anime when Kirito and asuna move from being complete strangers to be the best couple in love in the world, suddenly the story centers around his love, and put aside the survival and to complete the game. I did not like anything.
And neither when Kirito wakes up, and it turns out that Asuna has fallen in, he has to get into another game to save her. I think that the anime had perfect finish in episode 14.

But overall, I really liked the series, despite having its pros and cons, not disappointed, but everyone has their opinion.
Thanks for your comment ^^
Voltex12345 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i'm sorry if my comment was harsh... i just re-read it and i see i was somewhat cold. (i tend to be unintentionally, if i do so please warn me or pay it no mind >_<)

basically to me what i feel is actually "it was good while it lasted"

oh not exactly...
it was done before by the .Hack// series.
not entirely equal but very similar.
the beginning concept was a good attempt tho i have to agree on that regard :)

i don't agree there, i can explain why

i noticed that and it was the initial motivation of the entire first episode.
it went off to an extremely amazing start.
but to me, right after a few episodes, rather than clinging to survival using a logical and strategical way of thinking, or even responding to their despair and have justified reasons to act illogically,
they drop all logic for the sake of non important social standards that no longer apply in the condition they are in... like womanliness or manliness or honor for example.

(this actually happens in a lot of Japanese anime content, where characters disregard obvious procedure to soothe these social standards endangering themselves and others only to miraculously survive)

this applies to the "fight to death because of honor" or "i must make my priority not to show my underwear in a videogame than to lose all my points and die" or "fall in love with the guy you just met for who knows what reason", etc.
the army decided to still go on to an OP boss knowing they are exhausted because it's honorable for example.
and as for the thugs, they don't seem to have an objective other than to just plain PK for the sheer evil of it, no exp is gained, no items are taken, nothing.
what my impression on them was to me is that "they are evil because yes" they don't seem to have any reasonable motivation, nothing to gain... they just want to see the world burn. and that always struck me as vain and uninteresting (i can only speak for myself obviously)

ah there! right there! Kirito had that objective, the concept was well shown with the first girl's death, she makes him believe it's best not have friends permanently from then onward, it was a great concept, but then the episodes that did that seemed like filler because he barely advanced if not at all.
he helped someone, or made a certain kind of food, tried fishing, but the story itself did not advance. he himself did not evolve.
until eventually he lost sight of his goal... he just gave up for the sake distractions and spending his time with someone who either openly insults him or is collateral damage.
most of the girls there seemed very ungrateful and almost looked like they put themselves in harms way, begging for help after tricking or directly insulting him openly. i appreciate him having the kind heart to do so valuing their safety looking past the negative sides of it, i truly do. but he has goals to achieve that should take priority, and every episode felt like a waste of time and a further drift away from it entirely.

i stopped watching after i saw the episode where they save the AI girl in vain...
the episode was more about her teasing him as usual, then they went once again out of their way to save someone else.
this is basically why i don't believe they are having a narcissistic personality when he should have one most of all.

they don't need to eat for any other reason than to replenish hp, they do so anyway for the fun of it. it's a distraction.

"I didn't like this anime when Kirito and asuna move from being complete strangers to be the best couple in love in the world, suddenly the story centers around his love, and put aside the survival and to complete the game. I did not like anything.
And neither when Kirito wakes up, and it turns out that Asuna has fallen in, he has to get into another game to save her. I think that the anime had perfect finish in episode 14."

well you took the words off my mouth basically... although i wouldn't call them the "best couple ever" far from it.
i tend to strongly dislike tsunderes (i have my reasons but i don't go against those who do like them)
it's basically a constantly used anime relationship that bases a "passive masochist guy / abusive tsundere girl" romance that bases on her never being satisfied unless she gets things done her way or the highway.
she can go so far as to forcing him to do what she wants without giving him a choice, threatening him with a knife, or be angry at him for not doing things her way to get what she wants.
she can also go from teasing him, intentionally harming him and openly insulting him whenever she gets the chance.
but he is passive and allows this because he doesn't mind

to me that is not a very healthy, fair, or even stable relationship.

thank you for being understanding
Aintza-K Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I think I agree with almost everything you said, even though my bad English does not allow me to understand everything you say xD

Yes, as in most of the anime, exaggeration is accentuated with the passage of the episodes, and becomes quite irritating. This means that in the first episode we like an anime because it has an original story, interesting, and different. But after several episodes, adapts history to the public, and with the intention that they are satisfied exaggerate some things as in this case the goodness and honor of Kirito, who would put his life in danger for someone who just met .

As you said, the story stagnates for several episodes, Let's say at first is very fast, have managed to increase their levels in no time, and suddenly the story stops and we see Kirito daily life, I guess this they did to give naturalness and we see that Kirito is getting used to live there, the game has become their life and their world.
And suddenly, have already managed to last level and won the game in a couple of episodes ends the first part of the series.

I think this anime has several flaws but despite that, I liked it, I was entertained and I found a beautiful story.

And it's okay, your comment did not sound very edge, we all have our opinion, and we are free to express it ^^
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